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What to do in Zurich during summer?

Zurich converts into a pulsating water city in the summer. People meet at the river to relax, sunbathe or party. Life really gets going on the promenades along Lake Zurich and Zurich’s rivers in the summer.

Where to eat and drink within the budget?

Zurich is the ideal place to test out Switzerland’s culinary traditions. With traditional dishes from across the country’s 26 cantons as well as specialties from Zurich on offer, you’ll have plenty to try.

Enjoy the Swiss cold season

While summer continues to be the most popular travel period to Switzerland, more and more travellers are discovering that a Swiss winter holiday is equally appealing and eventful.

How to make your holidays unforgettable

Switzerland, the country of romance surely has some of the most kick-ass and unique things to do, much more than what you have been fancying since the DDLJ age.

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